Ultramarine TR

High Transparency & Strength

For special effect coatings applications

Ultramarine pigments are naturally transparent. This is because the pigment refractive index of 1.5 is almost identical to that of binder systems in which it is used.

In addition to its high transparency, ultramarine TR offers unsurpassed colouring strength. The result is a pigment with transparency like a dye, but with the fastness of a pigment.

Motorbike with ultramarine blue petrol tank
A Unique Shade

Ultramarine blue is a highly saturated red shade blue – a colour that cannot be matched with other pigment combinations.

The high transparency in combination with unique shade and neutral side tone, makes ultramarine TR ideally suited for applications where exclusive colours and special effects are needed. When blended with metallic pigments or pearlescents, or even coated over polished metallic substrates it is possible to achieve flamboyant finishes on products such as bicycles, motor cycles, metal casings, electrical appliances and mobile telephones.

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