Holliday Pigments Prestige range is a selection of standard Premier grades which have been incorporated into a resin carrier. This converts the standard pigment into a free flowing, dust free product with exceptionally easy dispersion.

The resins used in Prestige products are of very low melting point. Despite the high pigment content of Prestige grades (80%), they are easily incorporated into the final polymer. The resins used in Prestige do not compromise approval for use in food contact plastics or toys.

Falling ultramarine pigment

There are two ranges of Prestige, based on two different resins. These reflect the different processing temperatures for the major polymer groups, polyolefins / styrenics and PVC.

The products available are:-

For polyolefins / styrenicsFor PVCBased on
Prestige GS
Premier GS
Prestige RX
Premier RX
Prestige RMPrestige PRMPremier RM
Prestige ARPrestige PARPremier AR
Prestige VU Prestige PVU Premier VU
Prestige VBPrestige PVBPremier VB