Premier Range

The outstanding feature of the Premier range is the excellent colour consistency offered by a specification of ΔE 0.5 maximum (dry versions 0.75). Products available in this range are:-

Premier D strands

Ultramarine bluePremier GSStrong green shade
Premier GMMedium strength green shade
Premier RXVery strong red shade
Premier RSStrong red shade
Premier RMMedium strength red shade
Premier ARAcid resisting
Ultramarine violetPremier VBVery blue shade
Premier VXBlue shade
Premier VURed shade
Manganese violetPremier VMBlue shade
Premier VTRed shade

Premier D

Grades in the Premier D series are specially processed to give extremely low levels of moisture. This enables high pigmentation level concentrates to be produced without any sign of porous extrudate, even if efficient extruder venting is not available. The extra processing applied to grades in the Premier D range reduces the moisture content to extremely low levels (0.05% maximum).

Products available in this range are:-

ProductBased on
Ultramarine bluePremier DXSGPremier XSG
Premier DGSPremier GS
Premier DXSRPremier XSR
Premier DRXPremier RX
Premier DRSPremier RS
Premier DRMPremier RM

The special manufacturing process applied to the Premier D range also minimises the trace sulphur levels remaining in the pigment after manufacture. This leads to the complete elimination of the characteristic odour sometimes associated with the processing of ultramarine pigments under certain conditions. This results in a better working environment and complete absence of any residual odour in finished plastic parts.

Premier F

Since standard ultramarine pigments include a small proportion of oversized particles, they are not recommended for fine fibre and very thin film applications. However by applying a special process to these Premier grades, a pigment with very fine particle size is produced. Grades from the Premier F range can be safely used in fibre applications as fine as 2 dtex.

Fine fibres and thin films require high strength colorants, therefore the Premier F process is applied only to the superior strength red shade blues.

The products available are:-

Premier FBased on
Premier FRXPremier RX
Premier FVUPremier VU

The excellent dispersion and freedom from oversize agglomerates is confirmed using an additional quality control test. The pigment is extruded through a very fine filter pack and the build up in pressure (Delta P) caused by oversize particles blocking the screen is measured.

The final particle size of Premier FRX and the absence of particles above 10µm in size ensure the mechanical strength of the host polymer is maximised in injection moulding and extruder applications. Premier FRX is recommended for applications in which properties such as impact resistance and tensile strength are of paramount importance.

Premier DF

By combining the D (dry) and F (fine particle) treatments an ultramarine with a very special combination of properties is obtained. The dry nature lends itself to the colouring of moisture sensitive polymers, such as PET, while the fine particle size maximises the transparency for applications such as mineral water bottles. The product available is:-

Premier DFBased on
Premier DFRXPremier RX

Premier for Plastics brochure (Holliday Pigments).pdfUltramarine Blue Shade Card (Oct 2013).pdfUltramarine Blue Shade Card (Oct 2013).pdfUltramarine Violet & Pink & Manganese Violet Shade Card (Oct 2013).pdfUltramarine Violet & Pink & Manganese Violet Shade Card (Oct 2013).pdf