White fridge interiorTo make refrigerator interiors whiter than white, many manufacturers rely on the addition of the clean, crisp blue of Holliday Pigments ultramarine.
Holliday Pigments was the first pigment manufacturer to develop ultramarines for the thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics sectors. Technical breakthroughs discovered by Holliday Pigments also made possible production of the first violet and pink ultramarines.

Our pigments have FDA approval for use in food and toy applications; throughout the world, Holliday Pigments’ ultramarines meet – and usually exceed – health and safety regulations. You will find our products in all manner of packaging, and every imaginable plastic item.

The pigment is remarkably ‘production-friendly’, being heat stable, easily dispersed and totally insoluble in plastics. Unlike organic pigments, ultramarine maintains dimensional stability in polyolefins. And because it is a transparent pigment, ultramarine creates a superb ‘crystal blue’ in transparent polymers.

The Holliday Pigments products for plastics comprise a basic range of shades which are available in a number of enhanced forms to satisfy the particular demands of specialised plastics processes.

These include:-
  • PREMIER - general purpose grades with tight colour specification
  • PREMIER XS - higher strength versions of Premier grades
  • PREMIER D - Premier grades with extremely low moisture for use in high pigmentation concentrates or with moisture sensitive polymers
  • PREMIER F - Premier grades with oversize agglomerates removed to give excellent performance in fibres or improved impact properties

  • PREMIER DF - Premier F grades which are also very low in moisture
  • PRESTIGE - Premier grades blended with a low melting resin to give a low dust, free flowing, easy dispersing powder