Release Date - 09/29/2003

Open Day at Hull Site, UK

September 2003
World’s Largest Pigment Manufacturer Opens its Doors
Hull manufacturer Holliday Pigments Ltd recently held an Open Day to promote its new products and its commitment to green manufacturing. The local ultramarine blue specialist is launching a range of pigments for industries as diverse as cement, printing inks, paper and special effect coatings for motorbikes and mobile telephones. The Company has also invested £11 million in a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plant to reduce the sulphur dioxide emissions which are produced during the manufacture of ultramarine pigments and, in a partnership with Yorkshire Forward, is spending £0.5 million on new plant and resources.

Three years after the official opening of Holliday Pigments’ FGD plant by the Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Holliday Pigments has succeeded in reducing its sulphur dioxide emissions by a staggering 99.9%. This has virtually eliminated the need to use the Company’s 141m tall chimney to release emissions into the atmosphere.

In front of an invited audience of employees, families and friends plus local Councillors and businesses, Dr Ian Bryson Managing Director, and the senior management team were on hand to discuss Holliday Pigments, ultramarine, its history and uses, and the environmental improvements resulting from the installation of the FGD plant.

Dr Bryson and his team emphasised the unique clean colour and environmentally friendly properties of the Company’s ultramarine pigments and Holliday Pigments’ commitment to the highest standards of Environmental Responsibility. The fact that Holliday Pigments is the first ultramarine manufacturer to introduce the FGD technology and the only one to surpass the current EU legislation on gaseous emissions was also highlighted.

Dr Bryson said, “This investment demonstrates our environmental credentials and long term commitment to Hull as well as affirming our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of ultramarine pigments. We’re setting the standard for other ultramarine producers to follow.”

The guests were given a guided tour of the factory and FGD plant and the children were entertained and educated with colour matching tests courtesy of Gayle Pook of the Chemical Industry Education Centre (CIEC). Dr Bryson and his team were delighted to see so much interest in Holliday Pigments and received some favourable comments from those who were encouraged to see a highly successful UK manufacturing company setting world standards in environmental stewardship.

Holliday Pigments is the world's leading supplier of ultramarine pigments which are used in a variety of applications including plastics, coatings, cosmetics, artists colours and printing inks. Exporting to over 80 countries, Holliday Pigments has dedicated customer and technical service teams at its factory in France and its commercial offices in Malaysia, China, the UK and the USA.

Holliday Pigments has a proud 120-year history in the manufacture of technical quality ultramarine and is the only ultramarine manufacturer in the world to have invested in Flue Gas Desulphurisation plants, reducing sulphur dioxide emissions inherent in the manufacturing process by more than 99.5%.