Manganese Violets

Just when you thought we were all about blue

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Ultramarine and manganese violet pigments in pots

What are Manganese Violet Pigments?

Manganese violets are clean, bright, red-shade violets. They are non-toxic, inorganic pigments which are used in a wide variety of applications. They are particularly popular for use in artists’ colours, cosmetics and plastics.

Manganese violet pigment powder

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Holliday Pigments manufacture the most comprehensive range of grades of manganese violet pigments available with colour characteristics and pigment properties designed to meet the needs of different users and applications.

GradeUS ReferenceApplicationsShade
VM405040General PurposeBlue
VM415041Artists’ Colours, Cosmetics, PaintsBlue
VM445044Artists’ Colours, Paints, Inks, CoatingsRed
Premier VM6139PlasticsBlue
Premier VT6145PlasticsRed

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