Premier BC

For Severely Demanding Food Contact Applications

Organoleptic refers to sensory properties involving the taste and odour of food items, particularly water, after coming into contact with plastic packaging.

Process improvements have enabled Holliday Pigments to develop Ultramarine grades specifically designed for minimum organoleptic effect. Bottle caps coloured using the new Premier BC pigments have been prepared on an industrial scale, duplicating the extremes of temperature and shear commonly used in this application. The caps were independently assessed by an industry-recognised test facility, and detailed reports are available on request.

  • No difference in taste was detected compared with water exposed to unpigmented control samples
  • Bottle caps can now be produced with the best visual effects and dimensional stability
  • Cost effectiveness in today’s competitive marketplace
  • The BC range is highly recommended for other sensitive food packaging applications

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Ultramarine blue bottle caps