Blue coloured textilesIt's in the nature of Holliday Pigments' ultramarine pigments that new and diverse applications are constantly being discovered - their versatility seems almost limitless.
OMO detergent bags

In construction our ultramarines can, under certain conditions, be successfully added to cements, tiles and tile grouts, roofing granules, renders and more. Rubber and leather manufacturers find Holliday Pigments’ ultramarines ideally meet their specifications. White powders such as china clay, limestone products, gypsum and titanium dioxide can easily be colour corrected by the addition of small amounts of ultramarine blue and/or violet.

Cattle salt licks are often coloured with our pigments to identify which mineral additives are present. Individual cereal grains can be similarly colour coded to show particular treatments have been applied prior to sowing. Obviously, the human food chain implications of practices such as this demand the proven safety of ultramarine.

Detergent whiteners, paper colour correction, film and TV special effects paints, road markings, graphic transfers, ice rink colouring - the list of ultramarine applications continues to lengthen.
Even the humble match benefits from ultramarine pigmentation. It remains unaffected by all the chemical demands on production and also creates a particulate structure which traps air, so the match lights more easily.