The non-reproducible nature of ultramarine blue offers anti-counterfeit possibilities for applications such as concert, travel and sporting event tickets.

Foils and screen ink
Mineral water bottles

Holliday Pigments’ ultramarines are used in many types of printing ink, in both liquid and paste varieties. Our pigments have the cost effectiveness manufacturers require, and the technical characteristics that make them ideal in screen, flexographic and gravure inks. They are also widely utilised in hot stamping foils.

Particularly in food-contact applications, ultramarine’s total lack of toxicity is a major advantage. The pigment is heavy metal free, lightfast, easily dispersed, non-migratory and insoluble in all solvents. It is very heat resistant too and well suited to heat cured applications. Ultramarine has a bright, clean colour that is additionally ideal for colour correction roles.

As environmental issues become ever-more important, the fact that Holliday Pigments’ ultramarines are easily dispersed in water based inks adds yet another production benefit.