Environmental Statement

As a world leading supplier of Ultramarine pigments, Holliday Pigments SAS is committed to running its business to reflect best environmental practice and sustainable development. Throughout our operations we will regard compliance with the law as a minimum standard to be achieved.

The underlying objectives being:

  • To take environmental considerations into account throughout all our operations.
  • To meet all relevant European and International legislative and regulatory requirements and agreements.
  • To support continuous environmental improvement by establishing and measuring the significant environmental impacts of our operations, which include sulphur dioxide emissions, discharge to river, energy efficiency and waste.
  • Set realistic measurable targets for performance improvements and monitor progress against those targets with ultimate aim of preventing pollution.
  • To reduce energy and resource consumption by promoting effective and efficient reduction methods consistent with best practice and in line with the waste hierarchy.
  • To ensure that environmental factors are properly assessed, together with other issues, when key decisions are taken about new products and processes.
  • To substitute, wherever possible, production materials which are less harmful to the environment.
  • To engage with stakeholders on environmental issues, including the integration of environmental factors in our relationship with key suppliers and contractors.
  • To ensure that all employees have a good understanding of environmental issues in relation to the business and the community and are trained appropriately.
  • To conduct an annual review of our environmental performance, including progress against objectives and targets.
  • To fully promote Ultramarine as the best ecological and toxicological choice for a blue pigment.