Flue gas desulphurisation plant

WINNER OF THE Chemical Industries Association SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AWARD 2006. Click here for the full story.

In terms of its impact on the environment, Holliday Pigments’ ultramarine has minimal effect. Its raw material is predominantly natural clay, quarried in the UK. We are determined to help ensure that when such sites are exhausted, they are ‘returned to nature’ in ways which benefit both wildlife and people.

We pioneered the introduction of flue gas desulphurisation to the extent that all relevant emissions regulations have been exceeded.

Ultramarine has an inherent ‘cradle to grave’ safety. For instance, our pigments - coming from naturally occurring clay, sodium carbonate and sulphur – can safely be used to colour code seeds and returned to the soil with impunity.

Holliday Pigments has a policy of product sustainability which involves every stage of our pigments’ lifecycle. From raw material to production, during use and final return to the environment as an inert clay, Holliday Pigments ultramarines are truly environmentally ‘friendly’.

In 2009, Holliday Pigments invested in a new effluent treatment plant which minimises the effects of the manufacturing process on the environment, and specifically the quality of the water pumping into the local river.

In 2011, Holliday Pigments achieved the industry leading environmental accreditation ISO 14001.