In ancient Egypt, ultramarine was a powerful and aristocratic colour with royal associations. Today it is still the preferred choice of every discerning woman.Blue face paints for childrenClearly, when products are intended for use on the skin, safety is of paramount importance.

Our synthetic ultramarines have always been recognised as non toxic and are permitted for use without restriction for all cosmetics applications. They are approved by the FDA, EU and Japan for use without certification.

Manufacturers have a choice of Holliday Pigments’ ultramarines ranging from red-shade blue to green-shade blue, violet, pink and manganese violet. The pigments are widely used in eye shadows, mascara, eyeliners, blushers, lipsticks, body and face paints. Ultramarine blue is also often utilised as a shading component in black mascaras and eyeliners.
Ultramarine blue mascara

Ultramarine blue nail varnish

Ultramarine’s vibrancy makes it consistently popular with consumers and because it is easily incorporated into formulations, non-staining and inherently safe, it’s also the first choice of many leading manufacturers.