House exterior painted in ultramarine blueIn some parts of the world, brightly painted houses are a highly visible status symbol. And when your home is emblazoned with the strength and vibrancy of ultramarine, it’s clear from a great distance that you have definitely ‘arrived’.

Powder Coatings brochure (June 2011).pdf
Ultramarine blue bicyle

The unique properties of ultramarine pigments make them ideally suited for inclusion in a wide array of paint systems and powder coatings, in both the industrial and household sectors.

It disperses easily and is very lightfast, and in the production of stoving paints, ultramarine’s heat stability is totally reliable. The pigment is thoroughly compatible with water-based systems, whether it’s for creating strong blues or for colour correction of whites.

Being transparent in clear resin, ultramarine is an excellent colorant for clear lacquers applied over polished metal, aluminium flake and pearlescent base coats. It can also be easily opacified by substituting up to 5% titanium dioxide.

In powder coatings ultramarine performs equally well – it offers a combination of reliability and 100% safety. And given that powder coatings are increasingly specified in exterior applications, ultramarine’s exceptional durability and gloss retention are also much in demand.

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